Our mission

Whether you are a software developer, a cloud services provider or any type of company that relies on large amounts of data, we make sure that your software and services keep running smoothly.

It is our mission to unburden you of all hardware-related hassles. We design, build AND brand your optimal servers and storage solutions, and we will store, deliver, deploy and support them all over the world.

We are here to help you with all your server- and storage-related challenges, wherever you are. We ship from our facilities closest to you to speed up delivery times and to reduce our carbon footprint.

The benefits of working with S3S

Peace of mind

We take care of all your storage challenges and problems, so you can focus on your core business.

Independent and
practical pre-sales advice

We offer flexibility before, during and after our projects.

after-sales service

we make sure that all your server and storage needs are being met.

Our story

The start of our story

The Story of S3S started in 2004, when I was asked to write a business plan for a company called Hi-Tech Systems. HTS, originally a general IT distributor, wanted to shift their focus and sell more server equipment. My presentation was titled ‘Server Storage Solutions’. The name stuck: Hi-Tech Systems became Server Storage Solutions or S3S. In 2007, I became CEO of S3S and Christophe Dekeukeleire joined as my wingman and CFO.

Our ambitions

But our ambitions were bigger: I always dreamed of taking the company international. Step by step we discovered new markets in different regions. Today we have sales offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, and 2 assembly lines in Belgium and San Jose, deep in the heart of Silicon Valley. S3S has become a well-known value-added server distributor in the European market and beyond.

Our first goal

Our first goal was to help companies find the hardware they need (but not necessarily the hardware they THINK they need) by asking the right questions. Our second goal was to develop a stress-free warranty system that involved limited paperwork. Our customers really appreciated our approach and in just a few years we transformed S3S into the number 1 server distributor in Belgium.

Our services

Since 2004, S3S has added many new services to our offer like professional branding, world-wide on-site deployment and service. Today, a customer in San Francisco can order uniquely branded servers and have them installed in datacenters in Singapore and Cape Town. S3S takes care of the logistics, installation and on-site support repairs. Being able to help new players on the market like Syneto and Storpool all around the world gives me a shot of energy and satisfaction each time.

The start
of our story

first goal



We take flexibility, loyalty and unconditional service very seriously, which often leads to close long-term relationships with our customers.


A lot has happened since HTS became S3S way back in 2004. These are some of our milestones:

S3S is born

  • 2004

Server Storage Solutions was born. Built on the foundations of Hi-Tech Systems, existing as well as brand new customers started to discover the added value that the S3S team brings to the table.

New management and relocation

  • 2007

In 2007, Roel De Frene was asked to step in as CEO of S3S and guide the company toward the future. At the same time, Christophe Dekeukeleire, a lifelong friend of Roel, joined S3S as CFO. One of our first decisions was to move the company to Lokeren, which made us more accessible to our employees and customers.

S3S Bulgaria

  • 2014

As a first step toward expanding our business internationally, we started S3S Bulgaria. Today, Bulgaria is known as the ‘Silicon Valley of the East’ and many big IT companies have their headquarters and R&D centers in Sofia. But at the time, it was a relatively unknown market. Bulgaria remains on our best locations in terms of sales.

S3S on the move

  • 2015

Just 8 years after our first move, our premises became too small. So we moved to new headquarters including a new state of the art technical assembly lab in Eke-Nazareth. We also launched a new website with integrated personal webstores for our clients, allowing them to configure and order their servers online.

Czech office

  • 2016

Hello Czechia! Following the success of our Bulgarian branch, we opened new offices in the Czech Republic to reinforce our presence in Eastern Europe.

S3S upgrade

  • 2018

To keep up with an exploding demand for our products and services, we needed to double our warehouse capacity as well as our assembly line. This in turn allowed us to triple our production rate.

Assembly Lines in the USA

  • 2018

To make deployment easier for our overseas customers, we started an S3S assembly line in San Jose, USA. It enabled us to broaden our customer base with more and more diverse transatlantic businesses, adding an exciting new dimension to our daily operations.

Acquisition of Ronver Systems

  • 2019

At the end of 2019, we decided to take over Ronver Systems. This allowed us to expand and diversify our customer base to include print, video editing and medical imaging companies, among others. It was a sort of homecoming: both Roel and Christophe once worked for the company before they started S3S.

Covid-19 pandemic

  • 2020

Over the years, we invested a lot of time and effort in creating a good internal climate in our facilities. Together with our constant efforts to keep costs flexible and low, this enabled us to continue our production and sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. This agility and flexibility allowed us to continue our business like before, without any hiccups.

S3S on the move again!

  • 2022

Our rapid growth and expansion saw us move for the third time to a bigger site with a massive technical department, a much bigger warehouse and a new modern office. This ensures even more room for future expansions.


  • 2023

Last year’s relocation turned out to be the perfect move as 2023 marked a massive milestone in the company’s history. Nearly every department doubled in size which meant an influx of fresh faces and new colleagues. This in turn created an amazing work atmosphere and dynamic. In light of this we decided it was time for a fitting motto: ONE TEAM ONE GOAL ONE MISSION. What is that mission you might ask? To deliver the best custom servers and products for our clients!