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Who thinks Synology, thinks NAS. Renowned for it's award winning products, Synology developped its products for every business size, small or big and no mather which budget. Synology's NAS solutions are not only popular with consumers but also in businesses because they are easy to deploy and easy to use, easily scalable and very reliable. This is storage performance that has proven itself over the years and is still vastly improving. That is why we support Synology's vision and their products.

For every business and every budget a solution: Synology comes in every form factor with the award winning DSM (DiskStation Manager) pre-installed.

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DiskStation Manager (DSM)


Synology is powered by DiskStation Manager or DSM for short, a very intuitive OS-like
interface. With DSM you have 24/7 access to your files with easy file sharing and
diverse security options. With DSM, Synology's products
are all-in-one servers for multiple purposes.
It is also ideal for backup and replication.

If you are in need of consultancy to build your own private cloud, feel free to contact us.
Our specialists will gladly assist you in finding the right solution.