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Using a 128-bit Filesystem Syneto Storage has no limitations of volumes, raid sets or capacity. It uses software defined raid sets like mirrors or parity. Thanks to the checksum technology this offers end-to-end data integrity and a self healing mechanism. The data is being written based on copy-on-write principle, offering the ability of instant snapshotting and cloning without consuming physical capacity. The Hybrid pool features enable you to make benefit of the SSD technology to accelerate your traditional diskpool. Syneto is also offering a built-in hypervisor which allows you to run your virtual machines inside the storage infrastructure, simplifying your environment and lowering your TCO.

All-in-one hyperconverged infrastructure with built-in Disaster Recovery

Accelerate your journey to the hybrid cloud by combining the agility, elasticity and economics of the public cloud with the security, performance and compliance of the private cloud.

Designed to go beyond any other hyperconverged solution. The traditional hyperconverged mix of unified virtualised applications, data services and networking has been upgraded. Integrated Disaster Recovery, improved application performance and always-on data protection. You will be impressed with the results:


More performance for applications, compared to traditional IT infrastructures.

15 minutes

To restart your entire IT infrastructure after a disaster, using the integrated DR unit.


Backups per day for every application in your infrastructure.

"We were able to easily integrate the Ultra Series array into our existing storage environment. The result has been a dramatically improved infrastructure with much faster retrieval times and significantly increased productivity. Syneto has allowed us to reduce administration times from several hours per day to just several minutes."
Philippe De Groote, Founder of Saphico ICT

Peak Performance

Applications running on the HYPERSeries 3000 perform 5 to 20 times faster when compared to virtual machines, deployed in a traditional infrastructure.

The technology inside the HYPERSeries 3000 ensures up to 90% of an application’s data, is served at nanosecond speed directly from the RAM memory.

Advanced hypervisor passthrough technology and built-in 10 Gbit virtual networking, improve application performance even further.

Where required, business critical applications can be deployed on a dedicated all-flash data pool, for ultimate performance.

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Back to business in 15 minutes

Sometimes, bad things happen and when they do, you want to get back up and running fast. The integrated Disaster Recovery of the HYPERSeries 3000 allows you to restart your entire IT infrastructure, on the secondary DR appliance, in just 15 minutes.
Backups of your application data as well as files, are replicated to the secondary appliance every minute, so you never lose more than 60 seconds worth of your valuable work. The HYPERSeries 3000 DR unit can be located either on premises or off-site. This ensures an extra level of protection, as both units cannot be affected by the same disaster.

Because we know business agility is key, files can be restored from local backups instantaneously.

Key Features

All Syneto products share a unique set of key features. These technologies are the secret behind our ability to offer unprecedented performance, flexibility, transparency, security and protection.

Flexible performance

Flexible performance

All-flash and hybrid data pools in a single product.

Data protection

Data protection

Multi-layered data protection: at HDD, file and application level.

Integrity checks

Integrity checks

Always-on data integrity monitoring and automatic self-healing.

Infrastructure analytics

Infrastructure analytics

Granular, configurable and long-term analytics for the entire infrastructure.

Backup and replication

Backup and replication

Incremental, consistent VM and file backups with on/off-site replication.

Hypervisor integration

Hypervisor integration

VMware integration with vSphere plug-in over API.

Product Overview

The HYPER 3000 series is a hyperconverged infrastructure product, with hybrid or all-flash capacity options, as well as built-in disaster recovery capabilities. The product has two components:


a. The primary production unit
This is where applications and services run under normal circumstances.


b. The secondary DR unit
This is where data can be retrieved from or applications restarted in the event of a disaster.

HYPER 3100 - Hybrid

  • Price leader

HYPER 3200 - Hybrid

  • Price
  • Workload

HYPER 3200 - Hybrid2

  • Workload
  • Performance

HYPER 3200 - All-flash

  • Performance leader

Flexible performance

To achieve peak performance both pure data access speed, as well as efficient capital expenditure are required. That is why the HYPERSeries 3000 is available in two configurations, which perfectly balance economy and performance:

The Hybrid option contains both regular HDDs as well as SSDs. They are combined into a single data pool which can be used to run typical virtual server workloads like e-mail and domain servers.

The Hybrid2 (double-hybrid) option contains an additional, separate all-flash data pool which can be used to run high performance virtual applications like databases and ERP servers.

Built-in instant disaster recovery

The HYPERSeries 3000 ships with integrated Disaster Recovery capabilities. This allows you restart the entire IT infrastructure, in just 15 minutes. It offers full recoverability of all your data and applications, with no 3rd party backup software or other services required.

DR Play: restart all of your IT infrastructure on the secondary DR unit, within 15 minutes of a disaster.

RTO: 15 minutes | RPO: 1 minute

Applications and files in a single infrastructure

The HYPERSeries 3000 can host all of your applications, and store all of your files, at the same.

Instead of investing in a separate file storage infrastructure, the HYPERSeries can store and share all your Windows, Linux or Mac files with ease.

The files stored on the HYPERSeries 3000 benefit from the same range of data safety, efficiency and Disaster Recovery features as your applications.

Storage OS

Powered by Storage OS

Syneto Storage Arrays are powered by the
revolutionary smart filesystem Storage OS,
developped by Syneto's software engineers.

Easy to use with a user-friendly and modern UI including 24/7 support.

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