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Why You Should NOT Choose Server Storage Solutions

Although we firmly believe in our unique way of doing business, we realize that it might not be yours. Here’s 8 reasons why you should NOT work with S3S.

How to use Storpool in Vmware environments

Customers leveraging StorPool storage and VMware virtualization enjoy the benefits of blazing fast, scale-out and highly available cloud infrastructure. StorPool is fully compatible with your VMware h...

IDLab (Ghent University & University of Antwerp) Implements Supermicro’s Most Powerful Server

The IDLab research center wanted a new and faster GPU server to perform more tasks at once – much faster. Mission impossible? Not for Supermicro and S3S!

Why Chose Storpool, Supermicro and S3S

They communicate well, their delivery times are good and their prices are economical: Discover why trusts S3S for their data storage needs.

A Flexible CEPH Solution for ScreenPoint Medical

When ScreenPoint Medical needed a new storage solution, they found a partner in S3S. Read how we helped ScreenPoint Medical run more and faster experiments.

S3S Always Finds a Solution: Why Saphico Prefers S3S

Saphico has relied on S3S for their server hardware for 16 years and counting. “S3S always finds a solution”, says Philippe De Groote, manager of Saphico.

S3S is looking for an assembly engineer with a passion for servers

Does building servers and storage appliances sound like a dream come true? Click here and discover if you are the assembly engineer we are looking for!

Welcome to the brand-new website of S3S

Are you looking for unique custom server and storage solutions? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read all about our services on our brand-new website.

Technical sales representative with a love for servers AND clients

Do you love servers and storage solutions AND to make a real difference for your clients? Click here and discover if you have what it takes to work at S3S.