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High performance, easy to expand and affordable storage array for medium and enterprise applications.
The scalability and easy management make this storage system ideal for medium and enterprise virtualized environments. The 4000 is equipped with active¬-active (dual) controllers in multiple 1GbE, 10GbE or 4Gb FC
The Storagedata 4000 SAN series is an affordable SAN that is especially build for today’s demanding virtualized environments. The 4000 is available with Flash SSD, SAS and near-line SAS drives within one unit to get the best data and i/o throughput for all different applications.
By using the Storage Manager OS you are able to do a full setup within minutes.
The Storage Manager is an easy ¬to¬ use Web interface (GUI) for managing all aspects of the 4000 SAN settings such as the RAID, Snapshots, Replication, Volumes and User groups.
In addition to the Storage Manager interface it’s also possible to use the serial console, SSH, telnet, HTTP WebUI or via a secure Web (HTTPS).

The Storagedata 4000 SAN is equipped with a powerful RAID controller setup, up to 220.000 iops. The controller supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0 + 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 and direct JBOD.

The 4000 is featured with Asynchronous Replication. This function makes it possible to copy data volumes between two 4000 SAN systems or to the Storagedata Replication Cloud, site failover or DR.
Storagedata systems are supplied with all available features and capabilities. Without any additional license costs.
- Fully redundant system to secure a 99,999% uptime
- A turnkey solution, deployed easily with all leading third party operating systems
- Quick and easy setup
- Support Flash SSD, SAS and near-line SAS within one unit
- Support iSCSI and Fibre Channel controllers
- Advanced power management including disk spin down options
- No license costs

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