Quantum Announces general availibility for LTO media, including LTO-8 end of year

Dear Channel Partner,

To our valued channel partners worldwide, we are pleased to announce that the issues affecting production and supply of LTO media have been resolved, and LTO media for all generations is now available.

More specifically:

• LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, and LTO-7 media are all generally available worldwide with standard lead times. Check with your authorized reseller or local Quantum representative for quotes.
• LTO-8 media is still ramping production, and our top priority is to clear our backlog, which will happen starting this quarter. Worldwide general availability will be achieved within a few months once backlog has been fulfilled.
We are encouraging all customers that have pending requirements for LTO-8 media to book orders as soon as possible, so we can effectively manage the queue of orders we have and expedite delivery as much as possible.

Author: Ronver Systems

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