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Quantum Named to CRN's 2012 5-Star Partner Program Guide

CRN 5 Star Partner

Quantum is proud to announce we have been named a 5-Star Winner in this year's CRN Partner Program Guide for giving solution providers the best partnering elements via our Quantum Alliance channel program.

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Quantum patents new archival data storage system with WORM, data redundancy, error correction, and access control


The archival data storage system includes write once and read many (WORM) capability, data redundancy, error correction, and access control. The combination of these capabilities enable the archival storage system to be secure, error proof, and reliable. Additionally, to provide fast data access time, solid state storage devices are used in place of conventional tape drive. Solid state storage devices such as, for example, flash memory devices are fast, versatile and reliable.

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Carefull with SSD's according to HP Labs and Ohio State University

read this white-paper: https://www.usenix.org/system/files/conference/fast13/fast13-final80.pdf

"we test fifteen commodity SSDs from five different vendors "

"to expose reliability issues in block devices under power faults" Read more »

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NEW ATTO SAS RAID FEATURE - Adaptive Path Optimization

ATTO Technology's Adaptive Path Optimization maximizes storage availability and performance via dynamic path management and balancing. For the cost of a cable, you can see up to a 40% performance improvement as well as eliminate single points of failure in your storage connections. All of this is managed automatically so that users can focus on revenue, not storage infrastructure. Read more »

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New this month at Sanbolic

A new month is upon us and things at Sanbolic are as busy as ever! Read on for a few of our March highlights!

VIDEO ON DEMAND: Read more »

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Quantum Announces the Active Storage Customer Transition Program

Quantum is announcing that beginning 18FEB13 installed customers of Active Storage
will be offered a product support transition program to ease the transition from Active
Storage installed environments to Quantum solutions. The “Active Storage Customer
Transition Program” will include:  
 Software support offerings to enable Active Storage customers to continue operations on their current configuration while migrating to a Quantum solution

 Financial assistance in making the transition Read more »

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