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You are a specialist in your field of expertise... You should concentrate on your core business... not on managing IT. Read more »


Most companies today are struggling with enormous amounts of data. Let us help you find a way to consolidate your data, organise it, ... Read more »

Video Solutions

High speed throughput, reliability, compatibility, experience,... that’s what counts in the video, audio and broad graphical industry. 10 Years of experience with Apple and Windows based solutions give us the head start to help you help your client. Read more »


Consolidation, virtualisation, replication, deduplication,... Let us help you find a way to consolidate your data and organise it. We can help you! Using solutions from only the best known brands in the world. Read more »

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Intel Powered X3 VR Ready Computers

Posted by Ronver Systems on Thu, 25/08/2016 - 15:59 in Intel, Workstations
€ 1.303,84 (excl. VAT)

VR technolgies are on everyone's doorstep and Intel is making sure your VR experience doesn't have to make any compromise.

We offer a complete Intel VR solution ready for your ideal VR experience.

Experience Intel VR technology:

€ 1.303,84 (excl. VAT)
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X3-scale for Mapscape

RAID is niet dood, maar de limieten komen steeds vaker naar voren bij wederopbouw van HD's van 4TB en groter. Met HD's van 8TB reeds beschikbaar en gecertificeerd voor X3 oplossingen en de 10TB op de markt in 2015 moet daar serieus rekening mee gehouden worden. Read more »

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And now for a whole different kind of Quantum...

"it will soon be possible to distribute quantum information between any two points on the globe"


Using Quantum Mechanics to store data would be a fantastic breakthrough for the data storage, encryption/security and the general IT industry. The industry has been working on a Quantum computer for a long time and a major hurdle has now been taken. Read more »

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QUANTUM END-USER PROMO's for this 2nd Quarter 2016

Get 40 free pieces of LTO media with every drive purchased

Read more »

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Microsoft 10

Ondanks de druk die Microsoft op een upgrade zet, heeft het grootste deel van de gebruikers Read more »

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Maximize ROI with ATTO and Infortrend

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Vanaf de zomer kan je bijna overal betalen met smartphone

Een QR-code inscannen aan de kassa, pincode ingeven op de smartphone en betaald. Read more »

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