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Intel® Storage System SSR212MA
The Intel® built Storage System SSR212MA offers a flexible, scalable and cost-effective Storage Area Network (SAN) system designed for easy deployment and future growth.

Easy-Attach, Low-Cost SAN Storage
Businesses today are inundated with data, from existing applications such as e-mail and digital photography, to emerging rich-media applications such as digital video recorders (DVRs). This influx of data has resulted in an increasing need for storage. Also, growing government regulatory requirements and corporate business continuity and disaster recovery plans are adding to the explosive growth of storage needs. According to the results of an Info-Tech survey of more than 1400 IT decision makers in midsized companies, overall spending on data storage will increase by 35 percent in 2005.
Storage Area Networks (SANs) offer highly scalable, efficiently accessible storage, as well as superior data management and added protection. However, high equipment and operational costs associated with Fibre Channel technology have put SANs beyond the budgetary reach of most small- and mid-sized companies. Today, the total cost of ownership (TCO) equation is changing. IP (Internet Protocol) SAN systems such as the intel® Storage System SSR212MA use the emerging iSCSI standard for data transport over existing ethernet infrastructures. With industry-standard hardware architectures and simple new SAN management
tools to further lower the cost of SAN systems, IP SANs are now within reach of most companies. Featuring dual Intel® Xeon™ processors, support for up to 16 SATA hard drives, iSCSI or optional Fibre Channel connectivity, and intuitive SAN management tools, the Intel Storage System SSR212MA provides easy management of storage resources with the built-in
headroom to accommodate an IT administrator’s rapidly growing storage needs.
Simplify Deployment and Administration
The Intel Storage System SSR212MA comes standard with a full lineup of compelling software features that simplify storage management and lower administrative costs. From a central console, you can configure and manage your SAN system using an intuitive graphical interface.
You’ll be able to configure and provision volumes quickly without system downtime, make incremental copies of data volumes and authenticate users for improved data security.
Lower Storage Costs
The Intel Storage System SSR212MA features Serial ATA (SATA) disk technology, which costs less than Fibre Channel or SCSI drives and also simplifies cabling. SATA storage combines software transparency, low cost, and scalability to help lower purchase and upgrade costs of SAN storage.

Manage Storage Across Multiple Sites
Optional features allow you to extend the capacity and performance of the Intel Storage System SSR212MA and provide business continuity by adding an additional layer of protection from natural disasters and outages affecting an entire site.
You can cluster and manage multiple Intel® Storage Systems as a single virtualized storage pool, delivering higher availability with failover and load-balancing capabilities.

Fully integrated, feature-rich base SAN management software
Optional SAN management software upgrade packs:
1) Scalability Package
2) Configurable Snapshot Package
3) Remote Data Protection Package
Support for iSCSI connectivity
Support for up to 12 hot-swappable 1.5 or 3.0 Gbps SATA drives in a 2U form factor
Support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 or 50
Intel® Xeon™ processor
Disk on Module (DOM) boot device, containing the OS and SAN application software

Simplify SAN management by remotely configuring, provisioning and managing data volumes
Further extend the capacity and performance of your SAN by using optional management software to:
1) Cluster multiple Intel® Storage Systems
2) Automate backups
3) Copy data across multiple sites
Provides connectivity into existing IP infrastructures
Easily add up to 6 TB of raw storage (with 500 GB HDDs) without system downtime for future storage capacity needs. SATA drives currently provide higher capacity at a lower cost than SCSI or Fibre Channel drives
Flexibility for optimizing performance and fault tolerance
Processing performance to meet the demanding needs of storage virtualization
Provides redundancy capability in a single solid state device for SAN management software

Base SAN Management Software
Storage System Console (SSC)
Volume Management and Provisioning
Over Subscription
• Easy to use graphical interface for Windows* and Linux*
• Intuitive management console for configuration, auto-discovery and remote diagnostics
• Ability to configure and provision volumes quickly without taking the system or existing volumes offline
• Manage disk volumes in real time, including size and accessibility
• Ability to dynamically increase capacity of available storage pool
• Allows volume provisioning in excess of actual physical capacity
• Saves upfront disk investment until additional capacity is actually required
• Ability to manually make single or multiple copies of data volumes
• Provides authentication for secure access to data volumes using CHAP with iSCSI connectivity
• SAN Management application runs under a storage optimized Linux kernel
• Complete O/S and application is contained on redundant Disk on Memory (DOM)
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