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Dot Hill 2722 Fibre Channel Storage Array (Build a SAN)
Premium performance, Easy to set up and Manage

The 2722 is a high performance system for IO intensive applications, including databases, business analytics, video streaming and email. The 2722 is ideal for any sized business's fibre channel SAN, offering inexpensive expansion, support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and SuSE.

The 2722 offers excellent performance measuring 230,000 IOPS (same sector cache), superior cache protection, and redundant, hot swappable components. The 2722 supports the latest 2.5 inch spinning disk technology to deliver higher IOPS performance in a 2U rack size.

The performance delivering 2722 provides four 4Gb fibre channel interfaces to allow customers to build high-speed switchless SAN. The 2722 supports a wide variety of SAS, SATA-II, and SSD storage drives - allowing customers to chose the performance and storage capacity that they need.

The 2722 includes sixteen built-in AssuredSnap™ snapshots which can be scheduled to meet data protection requirements. 256 additional snapshots can also be purchased to provide more frequent backups for business critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange email systems.
Form Factor

* Features 2.5 inch SAS, SATA, or SSD storage drives
* Under 600mm depth with cable bends

Built in Redundancy

* RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50
* Redundant, hot swap components
* Built-in schedule capability

Performance and Scalability

* Data rates up to 4Gb/sec. (Fibre Channel)
* Same sector cache hits of 230,000 IOPS
* Dual or single RAID controller or JBOD
* Can expand up to 7 disk enclosures and 96 attached drives
* Comes with 16 snapshots and can be upgraded to 256 snapshots
* Easy to user RAIDar 2.0

Environmentally Responsible with Lower TCO

* EcoStor™ - Economically and environmentally sound technologies
o SimulCache™ - Low latency cache mirroring
o Battery-free cache backup
o DC power option
* RoHS-6 and WEEE compliant

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