One of the Question for back-upping your data is, what medium should we use? Tape or Disk?

Lets make a summary of the Benefits for each medium:

Disk-Based Backup Benefits Include:

  1. Users are no longer relying on tape as the primary storage medium
  2. Backups can be faster depending on the type of network
  3. Restores are almost always faster (no tapes to find and mount)
  4. Network backups provide superior disaster recovery protection


Tape-Based Backup Benefits Include:

  1. Inexpensive and virtually unlimited media size (via libraries)
  2. Small form factor
  3. Multiple redundant backup sets
  4. Easy off-site media storage


There are pros and cons to using either method as the sole strategy for protecting your data assets but with today's low hardware and software costs, there is now compelling justification to incorporate both backup strategies for a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup regime.

Disk & Tape Backup Benefits Include:

  1. Every disk and tape benefit quoted above


Even though disk is relatively inexpensive nowadays, disk cannot begin to compete with tape when it comes to storing multiple backups. Another essential part of any sound backup strategy is to also have the information stored off-site for additional protection against data loss. Tape is ideal for this requirement. An optimally balanced backup strategy is to store the latest backup to online disk for fast, reliable restores, while also copying the disk-based backups to low cost tape for long-term storage and off-site removal. Therefore, when reviewing new choices in backup, a disk-to-disk-to-tape strategy should definitely be considered.

Author: Ronver Systems

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