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The Virtual Storage Appliance for the Lean Branch Office

StorMagic’s SvSAN is a software-only virtual storage appliance (VSA) specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the lean branch office without requiring additional hardware.

It works with your chosen virtualization platform, takes ownership of the server-attached storage and presents it as a virtual SAN. This true software-defined storage approach enables high availability through synchronous mirroring and live migration of a running file system from one storage system to another while maintaining data integrity, with no downtime or service disruption to end users.

SvSAN provides an intuitive, standardized management interface that allows multiple SvSANs, spread across remote sites, to be managed and provisioned quickly and simply either locally, or remotely, from a central location. SvSAN also has an efficient and flexible architecture, and a modular approach, that enable SvSAN to meet the ever-changing and increasingly demanding storage requirements within any organization.

The Only Dedicated Lean Branch Office Solution

SvSAN’s unique benefits include:

At least 33% lower capital expenses – it’s the only virtual storage appliance capable of providing a simple two-server solution, eliminating the need for a physical SAN

Over 40% lower operating expenses – reduces power and cooling costs; decreases sparing and maintenance costs; minimizes need for dedicated IT resource

High availability – maximizes application uptime

Centralized management – delivers single-pane-of-glass management of multiple sites

Rapid deployment – scripted deployments and updates of multiple sites simultaneously with automated provisioning

Flexible – hardware and hypervisor agnostic; scales as storage requirements grow

Fast resynchronization through Bare Metal Recovery – replace a failed server with a new server and automatically rebuild your highly available environment

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