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Quantum StorNext and CatDV MAM

Media Asset Management and Archive Solution for Apple and Adobe Video Production Environments

When Apple cancelled its Final Cut Server asset management product, it left a gaping hole in the offering of a reasonable-cost asset management solution for video production environments.

Many production environments that have limped along managing a centralized storage pool of video files are now
starting to realize the use of HDCAM, Red and other digital camera technologies have eliminated the ability to go back to physical media if these files are ever lost on hard disk.

A collaborative solution from Quantum Stornext and CatDV brings order to the mass of digital files in the Apple and
Adobe Video Production Environments.
The makers of CatDV and StorNext have integrated the hottest media asset management platform with the industry’s
highest performing shared file system and archive appliance in a packaged solution to simplify deployment and lower
the cost of managing video, audio and rich media assets for collaborative video production environments.
CatDV is at the heart of your workflow, managing all aspects of a complete production.
Media is ingested from tape or disk and logged, enabling subclipping and tagging of the media to turn them into usable assets. You can drop or import any kind of media file into CatDV to catalogue and build up a searchable database of all your clips, whether the file is HD, SD, H.264, MXF, MPEG, or any other format.
CatDV will intelligently harvest metadata in the file (such as the video format, audio sample rate, or copyright annotations) and store that in its database, together with thumbnail images and any log notes or
other annotations that you may enter— letting you browse, search and filter your assets until you find that one special shot.

Couple this rich set of metadata with the low-resolution proxies that CatDV automatically creates. Searching and
retrieving those key shots becomes a simple exercise even if the original media file is offline, on a removable
drive or archived to tape.

Above all, CatDV is a communication tool, allowing loggers, producers and editors to work together effectively and efficiently within a Quantum StorNext environment.

Quantum’s StorNext has been a staple for enabling high throughput workflows for video production environments, being used by hundreds of post-production environments and all seven top studios.
The tight compatibility with Apple Xsan and ability to provide a single pool of storage to Windows, Mac and Linux
workstations and servers in the workflow has made it a popular choice for Final Cut Pro editing. StorNext provides an
integrated policy-based tiered storage and archive on top of this collaborative environment to protect valuable content
and seamlessly move it to lower-cost storage devices.

The combined CatDV and StorNext packaged solution is ideal for:
• Professional video production facilities using Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro
• Universities, corporates, television, churches and libraries looking to catalogue content, re-version and store in a
searchable archive
• Video professionals using HDSLR cameras and need a replacement for physical film to protect and archive content
• Small to mid-sized environments that have limited resources to integrate and deploy a content archive solution
• Cost-effective archive for video production environments
• Strong integration for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro environments
• Storage infrastructure from one vendor eliminates compatibility challenges
• ‘Tagging and Bagging’ of all types of media reduces the time spent searching for your assets
• Filtering the assets for specific users, e.g. loggers, editors, producers, etc.
• Ability to transcode your media for low and high bandwidth users
• Integrated enterprise search across the archive
• Ability to archive entire project directories based on policies or on a file-by-file basis based on user direction
• Investment protection for video professionals worried about Apple’s commitment to the market
• Pre-defined recommended configurations based on StorNext appliances reduces costs
• Seamless upgrade or transfer from Xsan

CatDV provides intelligent media management for video, audio and rich media content.
Each asset is tracked throughout its lifecycle—from ingest to edit and archiving. Editors can share content and metadata with producers and each other. Producers can preview content remotely using low-res proxies and send catalogue changes back to the central production environment to merge with hi-res files.

Editing projects are tracked and managed as a unit and sent to the StorNext archive for content protection and longterm retention. Content retrieval is made easy through the CatDV MAM—which has been integrated with StorNext APIs to enable users and operators alike to archive, retrieve and see the status of projects in the archive.

The StorNext AEL Archive appliance integrates Quantum hardware and software to deliver a reliable, self-monitoring and self-healing, high-capacity archive intended for the long-term storage of near-line content. Quantum is the only vendor in the industry that offers the integration of a tape library and policy-based tape data integrity checking, giving customers the additional assurance of knowing that the data on their tapes is being tested and validated on a continuous and ongoing basis. And the unique slot-based pricing model preserves your investment—effectively doubling your capacity with no additional software license fees when moving from LTO-5 to future LTO-6 tape standard technology.

Base Configuration - Components
The base configuration environment includes:
CatDV Enterprise 10.0 (including Worker Node and Quantum Store Manager plug-in)*
StorNext M330 Metadata Controller
StorNext QD6000 SAN Disk Array
StorNext AEL500 Tape Archive
This base configuration provides:
• An appliance-based storage management environment for your CatDV media asset library
48TB usable space of local, performance disk for your library
• An integrated tape library starting with 64TB of active tape capacity with vaulting capabilities,
expandable to over 655TB
Expansion Options:
Whether you are ready now, or planning on growing in the future, CatDV and Quantum are ready to grow
with you using:
• Expanded working capacity with additional drive enclosures. Additional controllers can be added with
additional enclosures for up to 1.7PB (2.1PB raw)
• Expanded bandwidth with additional disk arrays. Additional disk arrays can add additional bandwidth for
single stream performance up to 2.2GB/s and up to 6.4GB aggregate performance
• Expanded archive capacity up to 21PB of active vault with the AEL6000 Tape Archive
• Increased file count and additional filesystems with the M660 Metadata Controller. Swapping out the M330
Metadata Controller for a M660 Metadata Controller will increase maximum file count to up to over 25
million files per file system, and up to 8 file systems
• Additional attached SAN and network workstations can be added to up to 1500 total clients
* CatDV 10.0 runs on a customer-provided server running Java 1.4.2 or later with a minimum 8GB memory
and a MySQL 5+, Oracle, or MS SQL database.

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