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SntryDICOM provides a vendor independent, and storage technology neutral image archive solution with a fully compliant DICOM 3.0 interface. Rooted in QStar's enterprise archive platform, SntryDICOM manages the lifecycle of images across multiple storage tiers, creating the foundation for a resilient 3-2-1 archive strategy. The new solution provides a platform that helps maintain archive continuity as older PACS systems are replaced. A SntryDICOM deployment can reduce the need for disruptive and costly image migration and facilitates the sharing of archived images between multiple PACS systems, independent of the physical storage technology.

The new release of DICOM Publisher includes sophisticated AES encryption that protects the security of all images written to CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray media which may be provided to patients or distributed internally within a medical facility. Access to encrypted images can only be gained using a unique media password (PIN) or through a trusted third party via a public key / private key infrastructure (PKI). QStar Healthcare is the only company today that supports all of the leading CD/DVD/ BD replication systems and can offer two different encryption options for medical image publication, helping hospitals and clinics protect sensitive personal information while meeting their legal obligations for digital data protection.

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