Melio clustered file system

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Melio FS - clustered file system

Melio FS is a symmetrical clustered file system designed for application scalability and agility iin phisical, virtual and cloud deployments. Melio provides access to data from multiple servers, enabling high availability, horizontal scaling of applications, and greatly simplified storage provisioning and management for physical, virtual or cloud server environments. Users gain extensive new capability to utilize industry standard or server side storage hardware (SSD, Flash and HDD). Melio FS is the core of Sanbolic’s data management platform and is server, hypervisor, and storage and protocol agnostic. 

Melio's architecture is designed to support high availability, application scale-out using shared-data server clusters, and fast access to any size files in a variety of workloads. Melio FS incorporates multi-layer distributed locking mechanisms and advanced transaction managers, which provide performance, stability and reliability in very large storage environments. The symmetrical architecture, and advanced dynamic clustering capability provide both tremendous flexibility and reliability. Melio’s 64 bit architecture provides unmatched scalability – over 2000 physical or virtual nodes and up to 18 million terabyte file system sizes.

Melio incorporates Quality of Service management, so access to storage for specific servers or applications can be given priority to guarantee SLA’s. Melio ensures data protection through distributed snapshot capability that can be used with traditional backup products utilizing a VSS client. Resource provisioning, migration and replication enable business continuity and DR. Through the Melio VM component customers gain the ability to utilize server side storage capacity such as SSD, Flash and spinning disks enabling the economics of x86 hardware in their deployments while reducing the administration cost. 

 Melio File System Features

MelioFS is storage hardware agnostic and works with all block-based protocols (i.e. SAS, Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, Infiniband, etc.)

  •  Journals Metadata
  •  B+ tree directory format
  •  Extent based allocation
  •  Latency Targeted Allocator – on heterogeneous volume the FS inspects different disk’s latency
  •  Failure on one node doesn’t affect operations on other cluster nodes
  •  Simultaneous coherent file access from multiple nodes
  •  Online FS Extension
  •  Supports SSD TRIM
  •  Snapshot
  •  Reparse points
    • Volume Mount points
    • Directory Junctions
    • Symbolic links
  •   Hard Links
  •   Named Streams
  •   Spare Files
  •   Dense Files
  •   Inline Files
  •   Extended Attributes
  •   Directory Change Notifications
  •   Byte Range Locks
  •   Opportunistic Locks
  •   File Mappings
  •   Open by file id
  •   Access Control Lists
  •   Quotas
  •   Quality of Service
    • Process based
    • File name based
  •   Online Repair
  •   Unicode File Names
  •   File name case is preserved
  •   Dates recorded: creation, modification, change, access
  •   Date resolution: 100ns
  •   Functionality upgrade by entering new license key
  •   Cluster Nodes Discovery:
    • Multicast
    • UDP subnet scan - allows MelioFS computers to discover one another without requiring multicast (public cloud Amazon and Rackspace)
  •   Per Machine Cluster Affinity
  •   Seamless reconnect upon node IP change

File Sharing (NAS Scale-Out):

  • NFS


  • Max Node Count Mounting Single Volume: 2048
  • Max Volume Size: 264-sector [bytes]
  • Max number of files per volume: 252
  • Max File Size: 264-1 bytes
  • Max file name length: 32767


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