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The StorNext M330 metadata controller appliance combines the high-performance, heterogeneous software file sharing and tiered, vendor-agnostic archiving benefits found in Quantum’s StorNext data management software with the simplicity of purpose-built hardware. Targeting organisations with sustained large data throughput challenges, such as video files that can quickly grow to multi-petabytes (PBs) of streaming digital content, the scalable StorNext M330 addresses complex “big data” management needs yet is designed for ease of deployment with minimal configuration requirements.
The appliance introduces new software features for StorNext, such as an enhanced GUI and reporting tools for accelerated set-up and performance tuning.
the StorNext M330 includes high availability software, two StorNext SAN clients for the controllers, and 10 StorNext SAN clients for any supported OS type, including Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris. These StorNext software features are factory installed, factory licensed, and included in the base price of the appliance.
The StorNext M330 comes with the StorNext File System software, two metadata controllers (one for high availability) and a dedicated metadata array. The appliance can simultaneously share and access big data files by utilising Fibre Channel speeds over a SAN and automatically tier data to disk or tape for preservation or future use through Quantum’s StorNext Storage Manager™ software. Customers and partners can integrate the StorNext M330 with disk solutions from their chosen primary storage vendor as well as with tape libraries from any major provider.

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