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Dual Ports SAS-to-SAS/SATA RAID 6 Storage System

Enterprise Level Features at an Entry Level Price

VessRAID Your Data and Your Money
Powered by field proven PROMISE enterprise RAID engine, the VessRAID 1840s and 1740s feature 3U 16 bays dual ports SAS-to-SAS/SATA RAID6 subsystem that is commercially affordable yet without compromise. VessRAID offers a flexible, full-featured system that can function as direct attached storage (DAS), in a storage area network (SAN), and with JBOD expansion.

VessRAID carries a complete selection of RAID and subsystem management tools such as WebPAM PROe, a CLI and CLU connection, and an optional LCD monitor. VessRAID also provides groundbreaking features such as Power Scheduler and One-Plug-Auto-Service (OPAS) to better secure your IT budget and simplify your maintenance workload.

Totally Green Power
VessRAID allows users to power down the entire system when the disk drives have not been accessed or are not scheduled to be accessed for some time. Periodically, the system performs a disk-to-disk backup or restore operation on a user-scheduled basis. When the operation is finished, the VessRAID returns to standby mode. Meanwhile, the Wake-on-LAN feature provides added flexibility, enabling authorized hosts to access the VessRAID over a network or over the Internet at anytime.

VessRAID 1740s and 1840s use 80 PLUS® certified power supplies. 80 PLUS® power supplies lower energy consumption through greater efficiency, as well as reducing of heat output, maintenance costs, and total cost of ownership.

Total Green Power results in a dramatic reduction of idle spinning time of disk drives, extending their service life, reducing the probability of failure, lowering the amount of heat the subsystem generates, and cutting the amount of power the subsystem consumes. All of these mean significant cost savings for your business as well as a more environmentally friendly workplace.

One-Plug-Auto-Service (OPAS)
With its USB port, VessRAID users can collect system historic status log information simply by plugging in a USB stick. The VessRAID automatically records a full report of system status, firmware version, event logs, setup, array configuration, and other essential information. You can collect a full system profile without using a host PC, laptop, network or serial connections. OPAS literally helps to shorten the turnaround time of conventional system diagnostic flow, and will come with more advanced applications like firmware upgrade, event log history, system setup restore, and array configuration scripts installation as a full service release.

Your Comprehensive Storage Partner
PROMISE storage solutions comprise various combinations of host bus adapter, Vess system and enclosure series connection. A VessRAID storage system can be direct attached with the FastTrak TX8668 adapter as host channel, and downlinks secondary VessJBOD expansion enclosures up to 80TB. A VessJBOD enclosure supports IOP based RAID adapter like SuperTrak EX8654, SuperTrak EX8658, and SuperTrak TX8658 as a massive disk storage pool.
System Highlights and Benefits

* 16 hot-swappable SAS/SATA drive bays in a robust 3U chassis
* 3Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA drives support
* 512MB ECC shared cache (up to 2GB), with optional battery backup units
* Single or Dual hot-swap redundant power supply unit with 80PLUS Certified
* Up to 880MB/s disk sequential throughput
* OPAS via USB service
* Comprehensive embedded web-based management via Ethernet ¡V WebPAM PROe
* Power Scheduler Operation
* Multiple global or dedicated hot-spare drives
* PerfectRAIDTM and Predictive Data MigrationTM technology for robust error handling and recovery
* LCD Panel support (optional)
* Wake-on-LAN support

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