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RONVER's brands @ IBC

Where do you find the brands that we distribute @ IBC...?

Quantum : Hall 7 B26

ATTO : Hall 7 F41

Qualstar : Hall7 K31 (c/o Hitachi Data Systems) Read more »

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exchange your VMware VSA for StorMagic’s SvSAN

You may have heard that VMware VSA is no longer available, and support for it will end in September 2018. Going forward, the alternative virtual storage solution from VMware – Virtual SAN – will pose some serious challenges for VMware users. Read more »

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Quantum launches StorNextPro bundles

StorNext Pro Solutions take the proven performance and reliability of StorNext appliances a step further.

watch the video here : Read more »

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Maginatics : keep your eyes on these people!

they have the right solution for the biggest problem around : unlimited, universal secure access to storage

and the right partners to not only provide the deep pockets needed (Amazon, Cisco, EMC, Google, HP, Intel) Read more »

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SanBolic intro's SDS Software Defined Storage

As enterprises strive to lower their IT costs and create efficient and scalable infrastructure for their applications, Sanbolic’s Distributed Storage Controller enables this transition by delivering enterprise-class reliability and performance while delivering cloud-scale economics.

read more here :

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X3 launches accessory line with 1 & 10GbE SFP's and Thunderbolt cables

SFP's, SFP+'s for a broad range of brands of Ethernet (and FibreChannel) switches are now available at very reasonable prices.

Usually these SFP's are extremely expensive. Ours are around 25% of the price when bought in numbers and coded for the brand that you need. We guarantee the functionality with a try and buy option. Read more »

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