X3-Modular Server (EOC)

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This example of stability has reached it's end-of-career moment.

After 50+ installs in the Benelux alone and 3 generations of motherboard modules... it is STILL IN SERVICE!

We still have many partners with clients that depend on the X3 Modular Server for their crucial production.

These are still under service and (extended) warranty. Intel supports us with extended warranty and parts and we have local stock of a full system plus extra parts.

X3 Modular sites are converted to it's successsor : the X3-QuadNode Server :


Do you need 3 Servers or more? Take a good hard look at this!

A simple, flexible system that provides exceptional value

The Intel® Modular Server is a business-in-a-box server system with seamless installation, migration, and growth capabilities, integrating storage, computing, and networking to simplify complex IT environments.
Additional, the Intel Modular Server now delivers increased business value with introduction of the Intel® Modular Server Virtualization Manager. Part of the Intel® Server Continuity Suite, the Intel Modular Server Virtualization Manager is integrated into the Modular Server´s single pane of glass management interface making server virtualization and SAN setup and management incredibly simple.
Intel® ESAA recipes help provide optimized performance, energy efficiency, network management, security, and reliability to meet demanding data-intensive computing challenges.
Click the link http://www.esaa-members.com/recipes below to view all of the Intel® ESAA recipe titles for Intel Modular Server. These recipes include hardware and software bills of materials, installation steps, resource and support links and more.

Key and Facts:
• Supports up to six server compute modules
• RAID 0, 1, 1E, 5, 6, 10, 50
• Fourteen SAS/SATA/SSD hard disk drives
• Virtualized shared storage for optimum flexibility
• Integrated management module for centralized management
• Optional second Storage Management Module for redundancy and performance
• Battery backup

Features Benefits
Scalable Server Compute Capacity Supports up to six Intel® Xenon® dual processor-based Server Compute Modules.
Virtual, Integrated Shared Storage Diskless Server Compute Modules utilize the integrated SAN, now offering the Intel® Shared LUN feature, with virtual drives to increase flexibility and maximize storage capacity.
Virtual Presence GUI Management Manage your system as if you were standing right in front of it with Virtual Presence GUI Management Interface.
Integrated Virtualization Management Powerful suite of virtual machine management capabilities, including Live Migration, all with "single pane of glass" management for physical, virtual, and storage subsystems.
Integrated Networking Dual Gb Ethernet switches offer ten 1 GbE uplinks per module.
Full Redundancy & Hot Swap Capabilities Hot-swappable Server Compute Modules and storage drives let you increase capacity on-demand. Redundant modules and hot spare options improve IT availability of the Intel Modular Server.


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