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Intelligent Management Software

As the worldwide leader in tape automation, Quantum has earned the #1 market share position. iLayer is Quantum’s intelligent library monitoring and management software that is integral to all Scalar tape libraries. One of the reasons for the success is the intelligent iLayer software embedded within the Scalar series libraries.  
for tape libraries with 100-1000 slots (IDC*)
iLayer delivers unmatched advanced diagnostics, ease of manageability with disk devices and advanced security features. Over 35,000 Quantum iLayer libraries have already been shipped – making it a proven solution to the storage needs of your customers and an easier sale for you.

Quantum iLayer Advantages iLayer Manageability Features

Many library administrators insist on the ability to access their data whenever they want it, without the hassle of drive, media or library interruption. Rising to this challenge, Quantum’s Scalar series libraries delivers best-in-class management and monitoring – thanks to the iLayer software embedded upon a server class controller that resides in each Scalar library. The iLayer software monitors hundreds of events occurring within the library and gives the customer detailed explanations of library activity at any point in time, proactively notifying the customer of library, drive,
and media status. No other tape library vendor can provide this level of management integrated into the library itself.


Just a few of the iLayer manageability features are highlighted below:

Managing Drive Resources
The iLayer software also monitors every tape drive to ensure that the drives are fully utilised and share the work load equally. If all drives are fully utilised, it can help determine when additional drives need to be added to the library. The iLayer software can even predict if a drive is becoming over utilised and may fail, thus proactively notifying the
customer before any failure occurs.

Media Integrity The library monitors every piece of media.

This enables the library to identify and pinpoint any “faulty” media before it can cause a missed backup or failed restore. EDLM (Extended Data Life Management) enhances this further by proactively monitoring media in long term archive and disaster recovery pools.

iLayer Competitive Differentiators

Advanced management & simplified configuration

  • The libraries support the SMI-S protocol for integration with leading storage management tools
  • Libraries utilise flash memory to protect all users’ configuration details
  • Proactive email notification

Advanced diagnostics
The libraries proactively monitor themselves and generate RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability)  tickets to assist the administrator with diagnostics and facilitate faster issue resolution
Advanced reporting
Libraries monitor drive utilisation to help reallocate resources as needed
Libraries monitor media loads/unloads, quality and history to ensure media is not a point of failure
Serial number spoofing
When replacing a drive, the new drive can take on LUN, WWN, or serial number of the previous  drive to maintain seamless operation
Native Storage Networking architecture
Redundant control and data paths
Drive firmware auto leveling
Device level security
EDLM (Extended Data Life Management)
Scalar i500/i6000 libraries check media integrity of cartridges that are in long-term archive or disaster recovery pool
Scalar i6000 fits into standard 19” rack floor space

Quantum iLayer data management software solves frequently experienced backup pain points
Customer Pain Point   =>    Quantum Feature
Spending too much time dealing with failed backups and troubleshooting => Proactive remote diagnostics and relational diagnostics = iLayer
Drive and/or media related failures causing failed backup and restores => Advanced Reporting = Media integrity analysis and drive utilisation reporting
Worried about security of sensitive data once it leaves the datacentre => Enhanced security support via encryption solutions = Scalar Key Manager
Data is growing at an unpredictable rate that is difficult to gauge => Seamless and non-disruptive flexible scalability = Capacity on demand
Management of backups are becoming more complex due to a move to a SAN environment => Seamless, high performance integration into SAN environments = Storage networking architecture
Too many devices to manage effectively within the current environment => Common management and service provided across Quantum disk and tape devices = Vision

Customer Benefit
By utilising the iLayer management software, Quantum customers experience up to 75% savings in administrative
time, a 50% reduction in service calls, and an issue resolution time that is 30% faster. The library proactively monitors itself and sends the user emails / alerts to ensure that the library is never the cause of a failed backup or restore.

The iLayer libraries proactively monitor and report on media integrity to ensure that a piece of media is not the
cause of a failed backup job. The library will also track the utilisation rates of tape drives which can enable a
customer to optimise drive resource allocation.

Quantum offers drive level encryption and a centralised set-and-forget key management solution (Scalar Key
Manager). This encryption process ensures data security as well as compliance to regulations, enhancing
customer confidence and peace of mind.

Scalar i500 scales from 41 to 409 slots (1 to 18 drives) while i6000 scales from 100 to over 7200 slots (1 to 96 drives)
thus protecting customers’ investment and simplifying budget planning.

Scalar libraries’ Native Storage Networking architecture increases system availability and improves security.

Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) ensures the integrity of your data placed in long-term storage or
disaster recovery thereby avoiding the risk of losing data on cartridges showing signs of failure.

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