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Tape isn’t dead!    It’s still the most cost effective way to store XL data...

first of all:

Back-up is the process where an additional copy of files is made for a short period of time, intended to cope with (incidental) loss of the original data.

Archiving is the process where a permanent copy of data is made. The copied data is intended to be used in the future as a reference and/or the primary source of that data. In many cases the original data is being deleted from the primary storage.

Building on our 17 years of experience with open solutions and requests from our client base
we developed the X3-archive solution integrating the best of our software components.

Available in all versions of our X3 line from 12bay up to 36bay - plus 12bay up to 45bay expansions
Totalling up to 750TB+ with 6TB HD’s - with a mix of 6Gb SSD’s & SAS or SATA HD’s
-optional expansion link 6Gb SAS to X3-JBOD’s to add 540TB on each chain
-optional expansion to SAS tape drives or libraries
Building on proven technology blocks from our partners we have built two solutions:
  * one archive that combines a large (almost unlimited) cache with a single LTO drive
  * one that combines a tape robot with a cache
All hardware and software components are under X3 control
and are monitored by our X3-monitor (ask for our pdf on it’s reporting potential!)
A perfect example of our vision of total control at a reasonable price...
Combined with the quasi unlimited tape solutions we represent...  
Starting at 10TB... Ask us for your solution!

Have a look at the pdf for more details.

Or call us for your special project.

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