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Amplistor is an Optimized Object Storage system for petabyte-scale, large-file Infrastructures. The system was designed to enable the most reliable, scalable and lowest cost storage for applications that create and manage petabytes of data, consisting of large media objects such as images, video, audio files for online and archive applications. The system can also be used to efficiently store large backup streams, simulations & scientific data as well as large-documents.

Scale-out architecture

Amplistor is built on a scalable architecture, consisting of high-density, low power storage nodes, and high-performance controller nodes. Controller nodes provide fully-shared access to the global storage pool over industry standard http/REST protocols with the performance of 10 GbE network interfaces. This allows the system to scale-out throughput to meet any application requirements. The back-end storage pool is spread over as many storage nodes as is required to meet the application’s capacity requirements, with the system supporting an essentially unlimited number of storage nodes. The system automatically manages balancing of storage allocation for optimal utilization, performance and to provide the ultimate in data reliability.


Amplistor features BitSpread technology, which was designed as highly reliable and available alternative to RAID. Due to growing disk densities, RAID can no longer address the reliability requirements of modern storage infrastructures. Users have turned to managing multiple copies of files in order to address these shortcomings of RAID. BitSpread enables massively better reliability than RAID on multi-terabyte drives and is remarkably more efficient than replication or maintaining multiple file copies.

BitSpread takes a different approach to how data is written to disk: it employs an encoding technology to first split and encode each data object into many sub-blocks. These are in-turn spread over as many disks in the system as possible. As the system only requires a subset of the sub-blocks to restore the original data object, it can survive the failure of multiple disks or even entire storage nodes.


Unbreakable Storage

AmpliStor solves the problem of high-reliability on multi-terabyte disk drives AmpliStor stores data 10,000-100,000 times more reliably than alternative RAID and replication-based solutions.

Storage Efficiency

The system requires 50-70% less raw disk capacity while still providing the highest-levels of reliability. This provides dramatically lower power and cooling requirements, with AmpliStor storage appliances requiring less than 7 Watts per Terabyte. With AmpliStor, system administrators can manage 10 times more storage than alternative solutions.

Scalable Capacity and Performance

The system scales-out capacity and performance to support tens of Petabytes of capacity and 10′s of Gigabytes per second of throughput. There are no limits on object sizes, or on numbers of objects that can be stored and managed – making it possible to efficiently store Billions of objects. Scale-out AmpliStor by adding AmpliStor storage nodes. No user reconfiguration is required – the system automatically includes added capacity in the storage pool.

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