Lattus Wide Area Storage

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Disk-based storage that meets the extreme scalability, durability and access requirements of large-scale, long-term Big Data archives.

With Big Data, the high volumes of data generated must be kept immediately available to extract value at any time, and over time. These large and growing repositories demand a new architecture for disk-based archives.

Forever disk archives built with wide area storage

  • Extreme scalability from 500 TB to 100s of PBs with predictable retrieval times for high speed file access
  • Lowers capital and operating costs by using drives that have lower power & cooling requirements
  • Self-healing capabilities offers up to fifteen 9's of durability to ensure data is never lost and virtually eliminate unscheduled maintenance and performance degradation
  • Self- migrating through innovative algorithms that simplify upgrades to new storage technologies

Lattus Wide Area Storage uses three distinct types of nodes for an extensible, scale-out solution that intelligently and optimally stores big data for the long-term.


Lattus C10 Controller Node

  • Executes algorithms that encode the data into objects and disperses them to the storage nodes
  • Provides data access via HTTP REST
  • Multi-controller node architecture provides high-availability


Lattus S10 Storage Node

  • Extensible storage for the object data
  • Low power and cooling requirements 
  • Checks for data integrity and repairs bit errors
  • Highly Dense: 36TB in a 1U chassis 


Lattus A10 Access Node

  • Provides NAS file system access via CIFS & NFS
  • In memory and on disk data caching for improved performance
  • Manages up to 400 million files

Lattus-X Wide Area Storage provides multi-petabyte storage with NAS access for large collections of shared files at a price appropriate for long-term storage. Ideal for distributed workgroups that share large repositories of content or large data sets, including users in multiple geographic locations.

  • Can archive and retrieve data via CIFS, NFS or HTTP REST

  • In-memory cache yields predictably fast ingest and retrieval times

  • Up to 400 million files per A10 access node

  • Lattux-X capacities start at 500 TB

  • Base configuration includes: three C10 controller nodes, 20 S10 storage nodes and a single A10 access node, and two internal switches

  • Additional controller and storage nodes may be added for increased durability and capacity

  • Additional A10 Access Nodes Can be added for performance and scalability


Lattus-M Wide Area Storage leverages the power of StorNext with policy-based tiering and archiving for more intelligently managed long-term storage. Ideal for big data environments that include multiple tiers of storage, from high-performance primary storage to active archiving to tape.

  • Includes StorNext Storage Manager policy-based tiering
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Lower latency than tape for more predictable restore times
  • Compatible with tiered environments that include tape including StorNext AEL Archives
  • Compatible with Lattus A10 access nodes to provide CIFS/NFS access
  • Up to 1 billion files per StorNext Metadata Controller
  • HTTP REST access supported
  • Capacities start at 500TB usable
  • Must purchase StorNext Metadata Controller, such as StorNext M662 Metadata Appliance, separately
  • Compatible with StorNext Distributed Data Movers (DDMs)
  • Lattus-M will be generally available in 2013
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